Minimal Pairs Approach

If you ever asked us at AISP which phonological intervention we most frequently use, hands-down, it’s the minimal pairs approach! There is a reason why there is such a long, strong evidence base on this approach, and it’s one that we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with if you treat children with speech sound disorders.  

Learn more about minimal pairs
  • Purchase the Minimal Pairs Handbook, a comprehensive, step-by-step intervention guide written for SLPs. The handbook is over 140 pages long and contains the “intervention manual” and clips to watch so you know HOW to implement the approach. Currently, over 700 reviews!
  • Read for an in-depth review; we highly recommend reading the Minimal Pairs chapter from the Interventions from Speech Sound Disorders in Children text (Williams, McLeod & McCauley, 2021).  
Therapy materials for minimal pairs

We create a range of printable and digital therapy resources to meet your needs: 

PD on the minimal pairs approach
  • Watch this pre-recorded 90-minute Clinical Bite session, Minimal Pairs Approach: Step up your therapy game today! Featured in the Speech Pathology Australia Learning Hub.
Purchase physical minimal pairs cards
Watch minimal pairs clips
  • Follow @adventuresinspeechpathology on Instagram to watch therapy clips. Make sure to browse the video section for our back catalogue of therapy clips.
  • We include short clips and a 30minute therapy session in the Minimal Pairs Handbook.
  • COMING SOON! Watch our short minimal pairs clips on YouTube.
Listen to minimal pairs podcasts
  • Listen to “Using Minimal Pairs”, a 40-minute podcast episode hosted on the Speak Up FREE!
  • Listen to “Tips for getting started with Minimal Pairs” featured on the Real Talk SLP podcast FREE!