I’m Rebecca Reinking, an Australian speech-language pathologist who has a special interest in speech sound disorders (SSD).

I currently split up my time treating children with speech sound disorders at ATUNE Health Centres in Newcastle, NSW, on Monday and Tuesday, and then creating evidence-based therapy resources for SLPs to use with their caseload from Wednesday to Friday for Adventures in Speech Pathology.

My goal is help SLPs feel confident treating children with SSDs. Perhaps you didn’t learn about a phonological intervention in your studies, or you are just overwhelmed by how to implement your therapy effectively?

When I create therapy materials,  I aim to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice by connecting and collaborating with speech scientists so that you have confidence in the materials you are using.


  • I am happy to answer questions about my therapy materials and professional development opportunities.
  • I will NOT answer questions about working overseas, client questions about your child, or promotions. Thank you for respecting these boundaries.
  • My email is: adventuresinspeechpathology@gmail.com 


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  • For video walk throughs on speech therapy materials and resources, view my YouTube channel.
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  • Podcasts: Speechie Side Up,  True Confessions with Lisa & Sarah, SLP Coffee Talk with Hallie Sherman, the Whimsical Word Podcast, Up + Coming Speechies. 
  • SLP Summit Webinar: Feel More Confident Understanding & Implementing the Minimal Pairs Approach.
  • Guest Lectures: I have been thrilled to have interactive guest lectures with Dr. Lynn Williams and Dr. Klaire Brumbaugh.