Articulation Cues for Speech

How often do you look at your mouth cue cards for sounds and think they are overexaggerated and not matched to how we actually make the sounds? 

These may be the cues you have been looking for!  We spent a great deal of time working with our artist to come up with accurate speech sound mouth cue cards.  They can be used for articulation, phonological or CAS intervention.  

features you'll love

speech sound mouth cues for articulation

Each card features the letter and phonetic symbol. Speech pathologists can point to the letter to help strengthen the child’s sound-letter representations. It also means that they’re teacher and parent friendly cues!

Most importantly, highly accurate depictions of our mouth help to cue specific elements of the movement required for each sound. The addition of airstream features (to match not only the presence of air but also voiced and voiceless distinctions) make these cue cards stand out from all other cues available. 

speech sound cues

With four different lip shade options (including black and white cards), you can feel confident using materials that support and represent your caseload! 

want to see the speech sound cues?

See here for an explanation of the cues and features.  

Find the Speech Sound Mouth Cue Cards here. 


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