Speech Development Chart

Are you looking for a bright, educational poster about typical speech sound development? Would you like to refer to consonant acquisition norms easily and quickly when doing an assessment or providing information to parents and teachers? Take a look at our Speech Sound Development Chart for Speech Therapy. 

This carefully crafted chart offers a visually appealing yet evidence-based way to share information on up-to-date speech sound development norms. It is useful for SLPs of any experience levelPrint it in a poster size and use it to brighten up your waiting room.   

Speech Development Chart

You can count on Adventures in Speech Pathology to ensure our products are based on research.

*The ages of acquisition referenced in this chart come from the research of McLeod and Crowe (2018). 

*With this chart as part of your assessment toolkit, you can feel confident navigating assessments and discussions with parents or teachers.   

Take a look at what other SLPs are saying about our Speech Sound Development Chart for Speech Therapy. 

“The most beautiful and useful speech sound development chart I’ve ever seen. I keep some copies with me at all times now to help explain speech development to parents during assessments.”

This is fabulous- it’s easy to access and visually appealing. I’m using this with student clinicians and to provide information to educators and parents.”

This poster makes my room look bright and cheerful and is an excellent reference when educating parents, teachers, and students about speech sound development.”

Speech Sound Development Chart

Watch me walk you through this and our other posters and charts HERE. 


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