How to use Poppers in Speech Therapy 

Are you looking for a fun therapy activity that is intrinsically motivating for children while helping you achieve high-practice trials without too much fuss?  Poppers might be something you want to try.  I have a few tips for using poppers in therapy.  

Save yourself time by writing the number of “bubbles” on each popper on the side so you know how many trials you can get and which ones have the same number so you can match them up to use for minimal pairs practice. 

Give children some agency by allowing them to choose two to use at once in minimal pairs therapy to count the trials popping the bubbles for acceptable productions to give feedback and promote self-correction.  Finally, you can use a large game popper with a die to add a simple but engaging “race” element to high-practice trials of targets. 

A simple yet effective tool that is just engaging enough to help you meet your goals for speech therapy sessions!

Check out my YouTube clip HERE for more details about how I use poppers in speech therapy 


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