How to Use 100 Charts for Speech 

Ever wanted a quick way to achieve high practice trials in sessions or for homework with minimal preparation time? Would you like an added bonus of easy data collection built in? 

Our 100 Practices for Speech freebie might be just what you are looking forThey can be used in telehealth or face-to-face sessionsEach page is themed and has 10 rows, with 10 cute mini pictures in each row giving 100 opportunities to practice your target.  

quick tips for using 100 charts

  1. You can print and laminate them for easy use or use them in a plastic sleeve.  I like to print mine on colored paper and store them in a binder so children can choose which one they want, but you could add them to your theme packs if you are an SLP who works in theme units.   
  2. Once laminated or in a plastic sleeve, you can use markers, playdough, or whatever you like to mark off trials.  I like to use dice to add an element of friendly competition, and sometimes I might divide the board in half and have a “race” to see who can get the most production.  This is also a great idea for speech groups.   
  3. You could use counters or other mini manipulatives to place on top as you practice.  I love using dabbers (on a paper copy) level up your feedback and data collection by color coding your dabbers green for accurate productions and red for inaccurate ones.  This gives the child a clear visual way to understand feedback on performance and also makes your data collection super easy. 
  4. For homework, you can write your target word or word pair (if you are doing minimal pairs therapy) on each line, so it makes home practice visual and easy to manage.   

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