Ch Sound H Insertion Trick



Are your students inserting a stop sound AFTER their affricate and you just don’t know what to do? Do you need something in your toolkit to help you transition from isolation to word-level when nothing else has worked?

This little trick goes by a few names, but it’s most commonly referred to as the ‘h insertion trick’. It is where you insert a “h” sound or word to help say your child’s target sound in a word. The idea is not to fully isolate the initial sound from the word (“ch-hair”), but to slowly reduce the gap between the end of the initial sound and the start of the “h” word such as “chhhhhair”, “chhhair”, “chair”.

Who can you use this for?

STOPPING: ✅ — It can be helpful for those students who can say their target sound in isolation, but continue to ‘stop’ the airflow so that “chair” is produced as “chtair”.

⭐Read more on this trick in this blog post

Get the full H Insertion Trick for sounds: s, sh, f, t, p, and k.


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