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One of the most versatile resources in your speech sound therapy toolkit is likely to be articulation cards. Don’t just “make do” with the scrappy ones you’ve had sitting around for years. This articulation card set includes 92 pages of articulation cards, with separate pages for initial, medial, final position and some blends (828 cards in total), as well as a second 92 page set with checkboxes for recording practice accuracy. The images have been thoughtfully chosen and are in black and white for easy printing. These cards are high quality, versatile and can be incorporated simply into almost any game or activity that you might be using.

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Do you need a high-quality set of articulation cards for your speech therapy room? Are you needing carefully chosen targets that include high-frequency words and verbs to help your students make progress in speech therapy?

This newly updated resource contains TWO SEPARATE MATERIALS:
➊ — A 92 page set of Articulation Cards covering sounds in initial, medial, and final position (828 individual cards).
➋ — A 92 page set of Articulation Sheets containing checkboxes to record correct and incorrect productions.

✅ — Print copies for homework, use with games, or color in
✅ — Get high practice trials with the homework sheets
✅ — Easily navigate to pages with click-and-go hyperlinks
✅ — Print on colored cardstock and always have access to a set of cards
✅ — Use these as part of your generalization probes for other speech sounds
✅ — Use the ‘s’, ‘l’, and ‘r’ clusters as part of my initial speech evaluation

Black and white articulation cards are a real staple in speech therapy rooms. They are flexible, easy to send for homework and there are SO many game ideas and activities that you can use with them (like bingo, memory, hide’n’seek, etc.).

This 92-page packet contains clear, bold, black and white pictures ideal for printing. Containing 21 speech sounds, including all ‘l’, ‘r’ and ‘s’ blends, this could be your go-to resource when you need speech sound targets in a hurry!

So stop scrolling through your resources and get all sounds in one packet 🙂 Just a reminder that there is NO COLOR option for this resource, it’s a quick print-and-go black & white only packet!

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✅ — Two separate resources are included in this material (Articulation Cards and Articulation Sheets).
✅ — Contains a total of 828 individual picture cards for the sounds: p, b, t, d, k, g, h, f, y, w, m, n, ng, s, z, sh, r (including vocalic ‘r’), ch, j, v, th, l blends, r blends, and s blends.
✅ — Three pages per single consonant sound (27 cards per sound, where permitting)
✅ — Each page focuses separately on initial, medial and final position where permitted. I have included some medial and final targets for ‘s’ blends.
✅ — This whole resource is in blackline – so easy to print & go

What SLP’s like you are saying:

❝ I wish I could give this an A+. I downloaded this product today and was able to use it immediately.❞

❝ These simple and clear articulation cards are perfect for therapy activities and to send home to practice with.❞

❝ Articulation cards are a must for every speechie. The images used were delightful!❞

❝ The pictures are clear and simple for all ages to comprehend and the text is easy to read.❞

This is a digital file and is licensed for one person to use. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download the product. Printing and assembly of the product may be required. For more information about single-person use, please refer to our Terms of Use.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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5 reviews for Articulation Cards & Sheets for Speech Therapy

  1. Melanie P

    This is a great comprehensive set. I love that they are black and white to make for easy printing and copying. She also organized it beautifully with clickable links so that if I need to print a certain sound again it’s easy to navigate. This was definitely money well spent and a great set to have on hand!

  2. Alyson R. (verified owner)

    These are great articulation cards! I’ve printed out 2 copies to use for Go Fish or Memory. I really like how the words chosen are relevant and common – so it’s extremely useful for the child to learn the words because the words are used frequently in their vocabulary. I also love that they don’t use a lot of ink!

  3. Laura H. (verified owner)

    My favorite articulation cards. They are well chosen to be facilitative as well as functional words. Easy to print and go. You can easily print doubles for matching games or sent home for practice. Easily my most used resource in my speech room.

  4. Kelsey R. (verified owner)

    Can’t even count how many times I’ve used these! Very high quality, and love the target words selected. After laminating them and keeping them in a box together, I’ve used them many times; they’re my true go-to deck!

  5. Tanya M. (verified owner)

    These are amazing. The old ones were good but with the update they are even more so. I absolutely love your stuff. It is highly engaging and you share so many ideas on how to use them. Keep up the great work 🙂

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