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The Articulation in Isolation Early Sounds is a time-saving resource for targeting 12 early-developing sounds in isolation and CV/VC/VCV structures – p, b, m, n, h, w, y, f, t, d, k, and g. With ten worksheets per sound (2 worksheets per page), there are many clients for whom these would be useful, and there are plenty of practice opportunities. This print-and-go resource is ideal for use in sessions or for sending home. Using these sheets in your therapy will help you to be efficient and achieve high practice trials.

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Do you need more speech therapy options for when you are trying to elicit speech sounds with your students? Are you looking to send some practice sheets home, or simply increase participation in that early phase of therapy? These NO PREP sheets are the perfect print-and-go addition for those times you are STUCK working in isolation, trying to elicit a target sound.

When to use:
➊ — Traditional Articulation approach: Use in practice for when you are trying to elicit speech sounds. You may find that certain vowel sounds act in a facilitative context for the sound you are working on.
➋ — Phonological delays: If you are using a phonological approach and your child is NOT stimulable for one or more of the targets, these sheets can be used in pre-practice.
➌ — Childhood Apraxia of Speech: The vowel strips at the bottom of each worksheet can allow you to work at the syllable level using CV, VC, or VCV combinations.

This pack targets twelve later developing sounds and includes 10 half-sized worksheets per sound. You can do all sorts of crafts and drills (coloring, stamping, dabbing, painting, use mini erasers, etc.) while getting high repetitions. By fitting two sheets to a page, you can do one worksheet in therapy, and have the second completed for homework.

Try it out with my FREEBIE Articulation in Isolation Worksheets Sample.⭐

Read on the Blog some tips and tricks that I use when students seem to be stuck at this level.

✅ — Targets 12 early developing sounds: m, n, p, b, h, w, y, f, t, d, k, and g.
✅ — Contains 10 worksheets per sound (fitting 2 worksheets to a page to cut down on printing).
✅ — Has a total of 120 black line worksheets (over 60 pages).
✅ — Has flexible use: color, stamp, cut, put counters on, use a dice…get creative.
✅ — Includes parent handouts: speech sound reminders, speech at home, and homework practice graphs + tables.
✅ — Great for homework – do one half in therapy, one half at home.

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Explaining the worksheets:
Each page has a picture that references the sound (in isolation) for example, “The bird is losing all of its colorful feathers. For every great ‘f’ sound, color in a feather.” There are 20 pictures to color, so a minimum of 20 opportunities to practice the sound. You can always increase this by using dice or asking for 5 repetitions before they say the sound. The VOWEL STRIPS at the bottom of the page allow you to easily work at either the isolation or syllable level. You can also see whether specific vowels in different positions facilitate the target consonant.

I love making creative resources that push kids to get in tons of practice while being fun and motivating.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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2 reviews for Articulation in Isolation Early Sounds

  1. Wendy A. (verified owner)

    I loved the cute pictures and it was so beneficial to have the vowel sounds listed! The students got many practices in and the half sheet pages saved paper! It was easy for the students to take them home and practice again.

  2. Melanie H. (verified owner)

    I would be lost without Rebecca, I own most of her resources and they are my go to products for all my articulation kiddos. Looking for good quality, evidenced based resources can become overwhelming at times. I know these resources are tried and tested.
    Thanks Rebecca

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