My child says “g” for all their sounds

Have you ever had a child on your caseload who says /g/ for many sounds in their speech? Before starting your assessment while chatting with the child, you may have noticed this system-wide pattern

Your brain might be saying, “Wow – there is a lot of /g/ in their speech!” when sentences like “I like fire trucks too” sound like “I gike gire gucks goo.” 

My child says 'g' for all their sounds

In cases like this,  and once you have completed your assessment and probed further into clusters, you might decide yes, this child has a phoneme collapse, and you want to see if Multiple Oppositions may work here for this child. 

Research shows that using the Multiple Oppositions Approach can help facilitate system-wide change for children with moderate-severe phonological impairments often characterized by a phoneme collapse (e.g., Williams, 2000a, 2000b; Storkel, 2022)  

multiple oppositions materials

If this sounds like your client and you are looking for easy-to-print therapy materials, have a deeper look at our Multiple Oppositions for /g/ substitutions.

Just like our /d/ substitution product, therapy are therapy cards for 40 contrast sounds (singletons and clusters) so that you are covered for what sounds your child substitutes with/g/.

The resources includes: 8 different treatment sets for each word as well as guidance for selecting sounds to target and designing your treatment set. The best part is you don’t need to waste time thinking of rhyming contrasts and you only need to print the pages relevant to your child!

where can i learn more about multiple oppositions?

we have a whole page dedicated to helping SLPs better understand the Multiple Oppositions approach.

Visit it now to see links to journal articles, download some free forms, and learn more about this intervention.


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