Multiple Oppositions

Intended for students who have multiple sound errors, the multiple oppositions approach is an intervention that we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with, especially if you treat children who produce one sound for many sounds.  Fun AISP fact, when Rebecca was a new graduate speech pathologist, she read up and decided to implement the multiple oppositions approach with one of her students. She was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the growth and progress that was made with a very hard-to-understand child, it made her fall in love with speech sound disorders!

Learn more about multiple oppositions
  • Read for an in-depth review; we highly recommend reading the Multiple Oppositions chapter from the Interventions from Speech Sound Disorders in Children text (Williams, McLeod & McCauley, 2021). 
  • Journal article Williams, A. L.(2000a). Multiple oppositions: Case studies of variables in phonological intervention. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 9, 289–299.
  • Journal article Williams, A. L.(2000b). Multiple oppositions: Theoretical foundations for an alternative contrastive intervention approach. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 9, 282–288.
  • Open-access journal article Storkel, H. L (2022). Minimal, Maximal, or Multiple: Which contrastive intervention approach to use with which children with speech sound disorders, Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 53 (3), 632-645. FREE!
Therapy materials for multiple oppositions
  • Purchase and download the SCIP (Sound Contrasts in Phonology) app. This evidence-based therapeutic tool developed by Dr. A. Lynn Williams allows you to create a treatment program for contrastive approaches including multiple oppositions.
  • Purchase and download final consonant deletion cards using multiple contrasts by AISP.
watch multiple oppositions clips
  • Watch a 60-minute video discussing the Multiple Oppositions Approach with Dr. Lynn Williams and Rebecca Reinking.

  • Watch a 6-minute clip, “Multiple Oppositions: Getting Started” on YouTube.

Read multiple oppositions blog posts
  • Read the blog post, “When to use the multiple oppositions approach in speech therapy”, by Adventures in Speech Pathology FREE!
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