Free S Sound Mouth Cues

If you’ve ever felt that you lacked accurate visuals or cues to support /s/ distortions, or lacked confidence in teaching a more accurate /s/ sound, or perhaps felt less effective when it comes to cueing, we’re here to help. 

As speech pathologists, we know the importance of flexibility in determining which cues work best for each student. We are always looking for effective strategies to support our students with speech sound disorders. With each new case, we assess, probe, and experiment with different cues, visuals, and resources to tailor our approach to each individual’s needs. 

S Sound Mouth Cues free

Certain cues help promote success in many of my students, especially when it comes to addressing /s/ sound distortions. 

If you are like me and find yourself repeatedly drawing mouth pictures to show children what they are doing now and what their mouths should look like for a more accurate /s/ production. 

I have a solution for you that will save you time and provide more detail than a quick sketch! 

We understand the importance of having versatile and effective tools at your fingertips when working with speech sound disorders. That’s why we’re excited to offer these visual cue cards.

A bonus is that these visual cues are designed to fit perfectly with our original Speech Sound Mouth Cues, making them versatile and seamlessly integrated into therapy sessions. 

S Mouth Cues Freebie

Our beautifully illustrated mouth-shape cue cards that not only depict the expected /s/ production but also highlight

* the mouth shape 

* airflow features for common /s/ errors

* includes cues for interdental lisps, lateral lisps, and others. 

Download them today and empower your therapy sessions with clear, concise visual aids tailored to your student’s needs.  


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