Understanding the Complexity Approach for Speech Therapy

As a busy SLP, finding time to learn about evidence-based approaches for phonological interventions can be challenging. And even if you do learn something in a webinar or read a journal articles, sometimes you just need an easy-to-understand summary that you can laminate and refer to in session, or quickly pull it out our your binder to refresh your knowledge. 

Questions we always ask ourselves include, "What are the therapy steps for the complexity approach again?" or "Where's a visual for choosing complex targets?" and "What are the predictions if we target a 2-element vs. 3-element cluster?"

Complexity Approach Handouts

That’s why we made ourThe Complexity Approach for Speech Therapy” productIt features six handouts covering the essentials of the Complexity Approach, which are designed to make your life easier and boost your confidence in the treatment of phonological disorders.

These handouts aim to be simple to understand, providing you with “cheat sheets” on where to start and how to move through therapy steps in your sessions. All with the end goal of promoting system-wide change in your child’s speech.

With over 500 positive reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), these materials will be invaluable to your therapy. I like to laminate the handouts so I can have them with me in sessions - I keep the therapy steps with me at the table and use the target selection and speech sonority chart to share information with parents about their child’s speech and the goals we have chosen for therapy. This product also includes everything you need for successful complexity approach implementation - flashcards, high-trial homework sheets, and a consonant cluster probe. Get your copy today and start to see the amazing change this approach can bring to children’s speech sound systems!

Have you visited our Complexity Approach “learn more” page? You’ll find a list of journal articles, podcasts and other materials you can use to get better informed! 


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