The Complexity Approach for Speech Therapy


This resource has been thoughtfully created to help you implement the Complexity Approach with your caseload. To assist with your understanding of the Complexity Approach, there are evidence-based rationales, reference charts for target selection, a breakdown of therapy steps, and more, included. The resource also includes homework tasks, and therapy activities, so you’ll have everything you need to implement the approach right away. Expand your knowledge of speech sound interventions and add the complexity approach to your skillset with this practical resource!

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The Complexity Approach is an intervention for children with phonological impairments. It targets later developing and complex clusters (vs. earlier developing sounds) as research has shown that this can facilitate a greater system-wide change.

⭐ It is not the ONLY approach out there, so consider the needs of your caseload.⭐

❶ — Have an evidence-based resource for an intervention that you may not have heard about.
❷ — Understand how to choose targets applying the complexity principles
❸ — Have colorful cards and black & white homework practice sheets containing complex 2 and 3-element clusters
❹ — Use a Consonant Cluster Probe (digital & print included) to help you informally assess a child’s cluster inventory
❺ — Have reference charts for the sonority sequencing principle, implicational universals for target selection, complexity approach therapy steps, and evidence-based rationales

✅ — Covers 10 clusters (3-element: /skr/, /spr/, /str/, /spl/ and /skw/ and 2-element: /fl/, /fr/, /sl/, /shr/ and /thr/.)
✅ — Includes a Consonant Cluster Probe (digital & print) to help you get a cluster inventory
✅ — Contains easy-to-understand charts and diagrams explaining complexity concepts (e.g., sonority sequencing principle, therapy steps, target selection) to help you feel more confident with using the approach
✅ — ARTICULATION CARDS: Both color and black & white cards are included. There are 9 words per complex cluster (x18 for /str/), so a total of 100 cards
✅ — WORDS FOR HOME PRACTICE: Two mini pages to send for home practice (x80 practice trials/page)
✅ — WORD PRACTICE: Large pictures with high practice check boxes (x90 practice trials/page).
✅ — WORD LISTS: Easy to send home word lists (x180 & x150 practice trials/page)
✅ — ROLL & SAY: Use a dice to play this game (x36 practice trials/page)
✅ — SAY & FIND: Fun loaded scene for practice (x90 practice trials per page)

What SLP’s like you are saying: 

This is an excellent resource to support the complexity approach. I would say my most used set is the ‘thr’ words, my students are working so hard to achieve these and the sounds are filtering into the rest of their speech sound system! Thanks Rebecca 🙂

I am new to this approach, but am learning a lot and have already seen wonderful growth with goals. The pictures and various worksheets attached are motivating for my students. I like the extra information Rebecca puts in with other ideas of how to make activities more than just “table top worksheets”.

This product makes it easy to understand the complexity approach. I appreciate how quickly and easily you can evaluate a variety of different sound combinations.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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11 reviews for The Complexity Approach for Speech Therapy

  1. Lindsay Paterson (verified owner)

    This resource has made implementing the complexity approach with my caseload so much easier this year! Super helpful reference info to help you understand and implement the approach. The cluster probe has been great in obtaining baseline data for all of the kids. And I love the colour cards as well as the homework sheets. Thanks so much for this great resource!

  2. Krystal Chen

    Another great product by Adventures in Speech Pathology! This handbook gave me the confidence to implement the approach with multiple students who struggle with s, l, and r clusters.

  3. lmill365 (verified owner)

    I love this resource. I have learnt so much clinically from Rebecca’s account and have been implementing the complexity approach more with my students. I have seen so much progress and change in their system. This resource makes intervention easy to implement with the cards and activities as well as the reference chart for target selection.

  4. Bethany T. (verified owner)

    Seriously game changing. This helped me know exactly where and how to start, how to carry it out the way it’s meant to be done, and had enough practice pages for therapy and home when needed.

  5. Nicole H. (verified owner)

    AMAZING!! I have been working in the schools for 30 years and this resource was wonderful!!! Everything was explained clearly and the materials have been perfect for my littles – they are really starting to ‘get it’ and make big gains in their ability to produce 2 and 3 element clusters – blows my mind!!! Definitely an invaluable resource!! Thank you thank you!!!

  6. Salma S. (verified owner)

    This is such a brilliant and very necessary resource. My knowledge on complexity approach was limited and this really put it all into perspective while being practical and useful! Love it

  7. Logan N. (verified owner)

    The complexity approach has changed my therapy this year–I’m so grateful to Rebecca & sharing these resources to make this approach more straightforward! I reference this resource all the time. I also love the home practice sheets to quickly print off and share with caregivers.

  8. Chelsea S. (verified owner)

    SO comprehensive. I refer to this all the time. Really helpful when learning about the complexity approach.

  9. Natalie P. (verified owner)

    This is a great, well informed introduction to the complexity approach. I now have a greater understanding of this approach and therefore increased confidence in using it. The fact that it comes with resources I can use with my children too is an extra benefit!

  10. Lori R. (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource for complexity approach. Both my students and love it. I like the easy prep and ready to go activities, kids love the fun colorful activities.

  11. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    I love this resource for explaining the complexity approach! I didn’t start using it until this year (I’m a big fan of minimal pairs), but once I started, I can’t stop! It works for SO many students. This seller produces resources for techniques that I’ve heard about, but need step-by-step instructions and supplies (like stimulus cards) to implement. It makes it so easy. I use the stimulus cards at least once a day with one of my groups (I’m in the schools).

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