Phonological Pattern Chart for Speech Therapy

Are you looking for an engaging way to share information about phonological patterns and the ages we see them in children’s speech?  Have you been searching for a clear reference or handout to add to your assessment materials to help share about an individual child’s speech? Maybe you want a colorful and eye-catching poster to brighten up your office.   

 Check out our Phonological Pattern Chart for Speech Therapy – we consider it a staple for Speech Pathologists working with children with speech sound disorders. 

Phonological Patterns ages of elimination

This chart can be used as a parent education tool, a quick reference guide, an educational office décor, and more. With evidence-based information on phonological development, this poster is something you will use every day in your clinic.  This product is designed to: 

  • – support SLPs in feeling more confident describing and explaining phonological patterns 
  • – provide a quick reference to approximate ages of suppression for phonological patterns 
  • – be printed in black and white to use as a screening or assessment tool 
  • – provide references for further information on norms and data this poster is based on 
  • – look beautiful displayed on your wall 
Phonological Patterns Chart cover

We have done the hard work of translating norms into a functional tool for you – we love saving busy SLPs time! This product is part of a discounted SPEECH CHART BUNDLEof high-quality charts, posters, and infographics.   

Watch me walk you through this and our other posters and charts HERE 


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  • Excellent post, thank for posting it. We are early intervention clinic for special child based in Delhi, India. You can visit for online consultation or therapeutic session/treatment.

  • his chart is a valuable tool for identifying and addressing common speech patterns in children. It helps speech therapists recognize phonological errors and guide effective therapy sessions. By mapping out these patterns, we can tailor interventions to each child’s specific needs, promoting clearer and more accurate speech development. Perfect for both parents and professionals looking to support children’s communication skills! 🌟👶🗣️


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