Lateral Lisp Cues Free

Have you been looking for something to support you when treating a lateral production of /s/ – a distortion error that can spark uncertainty in even the most experienced SLP? Visual cues can be invaluable tools when treating speech sound disorders, particularly when working on /s/ articulation differences.

However, most cues only show the correct production vs. providing children with a visual of what they are actually doing. 

Free lateral lisp cues

Our Lateral Lisp visual is an engaging cue for children working on the change in airflow required when moving a lateralized /s/ production closer to a /s/ that has central airflow.

The airflow features on this visual cue show the child how the air is escaping out the sides when they say their /s/.  Contrast that with the central airflow visual (also included in the free download) so the child understands what you are asking them to do.

Incorporating the Lateral Lisp visual into therapy promotes the child’s self-awareness and engagement and provides an easy way to explain to parents and educators what is happening to the child when they say /s/.   

Download your free set of lateral lisp cues HERE. 


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