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Have you ever had a child who is struggling to blend consonant clusters on your caseload? You know the benefits of working on clusters but you both feel stuck in therapy! If you have ever felt this way, this is the bundle for you! Covering ‘s’, ‘l’ and ‘r’ clusters, and using forward and backward chaining cues as well as multisensory cueing, this bundle will provide you with an abundance of resources that have been specifically designed to help achieve success with blending complex clusters. Useful for children with a range of speech sound disorders, this bundle is sure to give you extra confidence when teaching complex clusters.


We know that working on clusters can make significant gains in speech intelligibility, but often they can be hard to teach and even harder for a child to blend together. This bundle featuring ‘s’, ‘l’, and ‘r’ clusters breaks down the complex cluster into smaller, manageable parts so that the child can achieve success. Using multisensory cueing as well as forward and backward chaining, you can try various types of cues to see which ones help your student! These cues can be helpful for children with a range of speech sound disorders, including phonological impairment and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Download the help sheets if you:

❶–want a comprehensive resource that includes different types of cues to teach clusters.

❷–have tried phonological approaches such as cycles or the minimal pairs approach, and your student struggled to blend the sounds together.

❸–your student has motor planning challenges (e.g., Childhood Apraxia of Speech) and requires specific cueing and support to sequence clusters.

There are three different sheets and cues for each ‘s’, ‘l’, and ‘r’ cluster:

❶ Backward chaining (e.g., key, key, key, ski)

❷ Forward chaining (e.g., ssssskey)

❸ Flashcards with visual cues

Multisensory Cueing:
We know that children learn differently, and these Cluster Help Sheets give you multiple options for teaching clusters. Teach your child that they have to use their ”s” sound when they see the snake visual. You might like to tap or trace the snake’s “hiss” with your finger to reinforce the continual airflow and need to join the “s” sound to the next part of the word. This helps the child break down the word into smaller, manageable speech units to help the child to “hear” the individual sounds or syllables of the ‘s’ cluster word.

Other children respond best to backward chaining, where you practice the last part of the word and then join the first sound on, “lake, lake, lake, flake”. You’ll love our flashcards which have the cues on top of the card for extra support!

✅ — Contains 114 pages of COLOR pages
✅ — Contains 114 pages of B&W pages
✅ — Backward Chaining Sheets for each cluster
✅ — Forward Chaining Sheets for each cluster
✅ — Over 220 flashcards for each cluster
✅ — Clusters included: sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, be, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.
Click on each link below to see the content of each product – they have recently been updated with NEW pictures and are in color and black & white!

✅ — L Cluster Help Sheets

✅ — R Cluster Help Sheets

✅ — S Cluster Help Sheets


What SLP’s like you are saying:
❝ So helpful with the older phono kids who also struggle with phonological awareness❞

❝ Great visuals. Great content. Thorough word lists covered… GREAT overall❞

❝ Perfect for fading out the verbal models❞

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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