R Cluster Help Sheets for Speech Therapy


Do you need a resource to help you teach the concept of R clusters? The R Cluster Help Sheets for Speech Therapy use multisensory cueing to help the children on your caseload learn complex r blend targets. This product will be helpful if the student leaves off the first or second sound in the cluster. These sheets can be used for backward chaining, forward chaining, and as flashcards with visual cues. Includes clusters: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.


Are you struggling to teach /ɹ/ clusters? Do you find that your student continues to delete either the first or second part of their cluster and you’re stuck with cues that can help?! If you have tried all the tricks you know, perhaps you just need a fresh strategy that SLPs all over the world have found useful.

The ‘R’ Clusters Help Sheets resource uses different multisensory cues that break down how to say /ɹ/ clusters using metaphors, visual cues, forward and backward chaining to help students be successful using consonant clusters.

➊–Cues to break down a complex word (/ɹ/ cluster) into smaller, manageable parts.
❷–To try different types of cues, and nothing has helped “click”.
❸–Additional cues while using the complexity approach, minimal pairs, or cycles approach, to teach the cluster.
❹–To support students with motor planning challenges (e.g., CAS) that require specific cueing, coarticulation, and support to sequence clusters.

1. Forward chaining (e.g., t-rain, train)
2. Backward chaining (e.g., rain, rain, rain, train)
3. Flashcards with visual cues on the top of the card

We know that children learn differently, and these ‘L’ Clusters Help Sheets give you multiple options for teaching /ɹ/ clusters. Teach your child that they have to use their /b/ sound when they see the bouncing ball visual or a /f/ sound when they see a bunny teeth picture. You might like to tap or trace with your finger to reinforce the continual airflow and need to join the first sound to the rest of the word. This helps the child break down the word into smaller, manageable speech units to help the child to “hear” the individual sounds or syllables of the /ɹ/ cluster word.

✅ — Clusters included: /bɹ, dɹ, fɹ, gɹ, kɹ, pɹ, tɹ/
✅ — 14 x Forward Chaining Sheets for each /l/ cluster
✅ — 14 x Backward Chaining Sheets for each /l/ cluster
✅ — 80 flashcards (x12 for each /ɹ/ cluster)
✅ — 92 pages of color + b&w pages provided
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What SLP’s like you are saying:
Used this with my clients and it just clicked!!! This is a great resource every SLP must have!

Fantastic visuals for working on these blend sounds. These really helped my student get a better sense of how the sounds blend together.

This resource is amazing. I’m having great success with eliminating cluster reduction with my speech kids. This is also a great resource to send home for homework.

If you’re looking for this strategy with other clusters, check out:

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.


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