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Do you have students on your caseload working on carrying over their speech sounds to conversation? It can be a difficult stage of therapy and at times can feel like progress has slowed down. This resource has been specifically designed for this stage, and helping children transfer their hard work in therapy into success in everyday conversations. With over 100 pages, there are handouts for teachers and parents to help support the child in their everyday speech, as well as resources for clinicians to use with clients. The print and go nature of these pages makes it time efficient, while still being able to be tailored to your student’s needs.

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Do you have students who really struggle to carryover their sounds outside of the speech room, but you have NOTHING to give to parents and teachers to help?

Carryover of speech sounds into spontaneous speech is the ultimate goal for SLP’s working with children who have speech sound disorders. This NO-PREP resource covers all aspects of carryover in therapy, at home, and at school so that you can be proactive in achieving this last step.

Containing over 100 pages, this resource gives SO MANY options for parents, teachers, and SLPs, depending on the child’s age and needs. It is specifically geared towards the final step of transfer and generalization of speech sounds. Broken down into six areas, this packet aims to help students, teachers, and parents engage in the therapy process to help those sounds transfer.

The six areas include:

➊ — Carryover sheets: 28 pages of different worksheets for documenting how often a target sound is transferring. Includes calendars, graphs, daily tally sheets, and 5-minute speech challenges.
➋ — Carryover handouts: 7 pages handouts that explain what speech carryover is, things that you should and shouldn’t say, and ideas for carryover in the home.
➌ — For the classroom: 17 pages that specifically focus on increasing carryover in the classroom. It includes visuals, classroom reinforcers, and sheets to focus on curriculum-based words.
➍ — 100 challenges: 23 pages of worksheets that sets the goal to say your sound in conversation 100 times over the week.
➎ — Self-monitoring: 25 pages dedicated to your student being able to monitor and plan their speech. It includes goal setting, graphs, choosing keywords, and self-evaluation.
➏ — Carryover rewards: 10 pages that focus on working towards charts and badges.

The majority of these worksheets have blank spaces for the SLP to write in the child’s target sound, length of practice, and frequency of practice. This allows you to individualize the prescribed dose for home and class carryover.

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This packet considered the research when putting materials together. A really interesting, and in-depth article by Ertmer & Ertmer (1998) titled Constructivist strategies in phonological intervention facilitating self-regulation for carryover was very beneficial for thinking about a framework for carryover.

✅ — 100% black and white printable resource
✅ — Worksheets fit two-to-a-page
✅ — Evidence-based practice and carryover framework pg. 4-5
✅ — Carryover sheets pg. 9-37
✅ — Carryover handouts pg. pg. 38-44
✅ — For the classroom pg. pg. 45-62
✅ — 100 challenges pg. pg. 63-86
✅ — Self-monitoring pg. pg. 87-113
✅ — Carryover rewards pg. 114-124

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What SLP’s like you are saying:

❝ This resource is amazing and so comprehensive! I no longer have to dread carry-over and generalization.❞

❝ I LOVE this! So much variety. I love the explanations for parents and the many ways you’ve provided for carryover!!❞

❝ This is such an amazing product. SO comprehensive and well-done❞


  1. Articulation Carrier Phrases
  2. Draw Me: Articulation Sentences & Stories

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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5 reviews for Articulation Carryover Activities & Homework Sheets

  1. Ella

    I love using this resource to provide easy carryover tasks for home. I use it every single day.

  2. Lindy T. (verified owner)

    Huge resource! My students struggle with carryover and this is a great resource that I can “grab and go” to help generalize those skills at home. Easy to understand and easy to use.

  3. Kate C. (verified owner)

    Holy cow!!! You can tell how much blood, sweat, and tears went into this resource, because it’s PACKED. Great visuals, research, charts, data collections, I mean WOW. I’ve used these to send home to parents, and have received great responses. Parents and teachers feel good about having something they can help their children/students easily accomplish. Thank you for making this!

  4. Heather C. (verified owner)

    This is super helpful and motivating to use in speech. Students love tracking their progress and it really does help with carryover.

  5. Annie S. (verified owner)

    This was a great resource for my students in the carryover phase of articulation therapy who I felt so stuck with until this resource

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