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Do you ever run out of fun ideas for therapy activities once you are at the sentence level in articulation therapy? This resource has you covered! With each page targeting an incredible 63 target words (across initial, medial and final positions) and including both nouns and verbs, this is an incredibly thorough, and versatile resource that promotes high practice trials. Kids can get creative drawing on the backgrounds and making funny sound-loaded sentences, while you get a low-prep, high practice trials activity to keep those articulation sessions engaging all the way to generalization. 

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Are your students at the sentence level in articulation but bored in speech therapy? Would they be more motivated if they could make silly, sound-loaded sentences and then draw their creations? Do you want to find a new way to help practice and carry over their speech sounds?

This easy-to-prep resource targets words, phrases, sentences, AND short stories! Your student’s job is to either drill words – say phrases – make funny sentences – think of a short story OR all of the above (using the words listed) THEN draw it on the background scenes.

Your students are going to love thinking up and drawing:
❝ The monkey is shaking the raccoon❞ (for /k/ medial practice),
❝ The sheep is fishing with a toothbrush❞ (for a mixture of /sh/ initial, medial, final targets)
or ❝ The crab crashed into the crayon❞ for some specific /kr/ blend support.

Feeling lost past the word level? Check out the discounted Carryover Bundle covering carrier phrases, sentences, stories, and conversation level

✅ — 12 sounds are targeted (S, Z, SH, F, V, TH, K, G, CH, J, R, L) plus R-Blends, S-Blends, and L-Blends.
✅ — Each page has 63 words – a wordlist for the sounds broken down by initial (21 words), medial (21 words), and final position (21 words). I have chosen 14 nouns and 7 verbs for each of these so that you can push your students to make sound-loaded sentences and stories.
✅ — There are 50 different background scenes to draw on.
✅ — A ‘speech sentences at home’ and ‘speech stories at home’ sheets are provided. It helps to write down the students’ phrases, sentences, or stories for maximum practice in session so that they can finish drawing at home for homework.
✅ — This whole set is in blackline. Just print, grab your pencils, and you are set for therapy!

This resource is part of a money-saving bundle to make carryover easier with carrier phrases, sentences, and stories. Check it out and save!

Have you read my blog post on this yet? It really showcases the versatility and expands on the ideas, so have a look to get a better feel: My 3 Step Plan to Working on Articulation at the Sentence to Story Level.

There are so many levels of complexity that you can introduce for that higher sentence level practice such as having the child use 4 target words in their sentence, using an initial-medial-and final word in a loaded sentence, setting group challenges for who can make the silliest/funniest/best sentence using a set number of words… so don’t feel that this is one activity resource. I always encourage flexible thinking in the resources that I create.

What SLP’s like you are saying:

❝ These pages are so creative and different from my other artic materials.❞

❝ Love how you connect what was done in therapy to homework they can do later.❞

❝ Love these. So easy to use. Everything is at my fingertips.❞

❝ I love that you’ve included so many different sounds which makes this wonderful to use with groups of students working on mixed sounds.❞

I am a HUGE fan of getting hands-on and creative in speech to get high practice within sessions:

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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5 reviews for Articulation Sentences & Stories for Speech Carryover

  1. Rhiannon

    Just one of the many useful purchases I’ve made! These are great because you can target different levels – word, phrase, or sentence! They’ve been great for my kiddos who like to draw and colour 👏

  2. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Just one of the many useful purchases I’ve made! These are great because you can target different levels – word, phrase, or sentence! They’ve been great for my kiddos who like to draw and colour 👏

  3. Keely H. (verified owner)

    I’m fairly obsessed with all AISP resources at this point, and these are no exception. Happy to have another well-made effective resource for providing carryover or targeting sounds in a less-structured context.

  4. Jennipher B. (verified owner)

    Great carryover practice. I gave my students word banks that had their target sound and then had them read the story. I then had them retell it again and see how many target words they could remember.

  5. Laura de Ayora (verified owner)

    This is such a great product! The kids love to color/draw and it’s an easy/effective way for them to practice their sounds.

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