Facilitative Contexts for the ‘s’ sound

Would you like an extra tool to assist with producing a clear /s/ sound? Have you ever pondered why certain words make it easier for children to articulate the /s/ sound clearly?

Utilizing and knowing about facilitative contexts can explain why specific word contexts can offer the best opportunities for eliciting a crisp /s/ sound in children. 

Facilitative Contexts Screener AISP


I’ve been administering a facilitative contexts screener to my students and the results have been SO helpful! Not only does it help to determine a starting place for therapy, but I’m able to use words the child can actually say correctly (and skip that “isolation” level!).

By carefully choosing words for articulation therapy vs. just using whatever words are on your articulation cards, you can instill confidence in children and establish a solid foundation for effective treatment.

Remember: One facilitative context won’t support every student, so we need to probe! 

Facilitative contexts can be easier to explain in person. Watch our latest YouTube clip, see the Facilitative Contexts for the /s/ sound, and listen to how the results guided us on how to begin therapy. 

HEADS UP: there are many possible facilitative contexts for the /s/ sound, your job as an SLP is to discover which ones they are for your student.

If you’d like more information about Facilitative Contexts for the /s/ Sound, look at our therapy resource which also contains the screener at printable pages you can use immediately.

S Facilitative Contexts COVER


Our facilitative contexts resource combines research with trusted clinical experience so that you can find specific words (and contexts) to give your student the best chance of saying a clear, correct /s/ sound.


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