Teach the K Sound using tongue depressors 

One of our favourite topics is elicitation tipsAnd all SLPs know how tricky it can be to elicit a /k/ or /g/ sound

Have you ever thought of this tip?

Use a bite block or 3 tongue depressors taped together (make 2 of these) to “prop” open each side of the jaw, so we can see the back of the tongue go up without the mouth closingIt is actually really hard to say a “front” /t/ or /d/ sound with these in your mouth

The child will get some great visual and tactile feedback about what it looks and feels like to keep the jaw open and lift up the back of the tongue.  

Now, this tip might be a game-changer for one of your studentsBut it might also be a complete flop! Not every cue works for every child, and that is why we wrote the K & G Sound Handbook and why there are over 100 cues in this productFind it here.


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