Cues on how to teach Final Consonant Deletion

Are you looking for some new ways to teach Final Consonant Deletion? It can be confusing for parents and children alike to hear that they will be working on Final Consonant Deletion in speech therapy.

Explaining this tricky concept and language simply in a way that relates to the child’s interests is important for therapy success. Having a few tricks up your sleeve helps you to match the metaphor to what makes sense to the individual child, so the concept of final consonant deletion “clicks” for them. 

We are sharing three child-friendly and meaningful cues for children when introducing the concept of Final Consonant Deletion in minimal pairs therapy.  

Watch this short 5 minute video and learn about:

1. The Tail Sound

2. The Trailer Sound

3. The Disappearing Sound

The cues mentioned here can be found in the Bjorem Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pair Cards by Rebecca Reinking.

The deck comes with cues on the back of cards and a helpful insert explaining the cues and what to say that you can refer back to whenever you need to.  Whichever way you teach this concept of final consonant deletion, you give yourself the best chance at success for the child if you consider what they are interested in.  


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