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Are you looking for a fun new way to teach the concept of “final sounds” to children on your caseload?  Do you find it hard to explain the phonological rule of Final Consonant Deletion to younger children?  Please take a look at our Final Consonant Deletion Tail Sound Packet.  

It is a fantastic addition to any clinician’s speech sound therapy “toolbox.”  Most children have some knowledge about animals, which makes this metaphonological cue of putting “tails” on the animals so appealing to children.  Help the rule make sense with a variety of hands-on, no-prep, fun therapy activities. This packet is a go-to for FCD therapy, covering everything from auditory discrimination tasks to record forms to track progress. 

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Do you have a younger child on your caseload who says “du” for duck or “fi” for fish? Have you tried to teach the concept of final consonant deletion to a child (e.g., with minimal pairs therapy), and it just hasn’t clicked?

This packet is a fun and engaging way to use children’s knowledge of animals to make the concept of final consonant deletion make sense to them. Using a metaphor cue, this product will help children on your caseload understand that some words have tails (just like animals) and to use their ‘tail sound’ at the end of words.

It’s a powerful concept that can help to increase awareness and make your students think about their sounds at the end of words.

DOWNLOAD this product if you want to:

Provide a cue children will understand to help make the concept of Final Consonant Deletion “click”.

❶ — Have access to high-quality, colorful, and engaging activities; children will enjoy practicing final consonants.
❷ — Support students to consolidate their understanding of the rule before starting or in addition to a phonological intervention approach, such as minimal pairs, cycles, or multiple oppositions.
❸ — Save time with easy-to-print black & white and color activity pages for therapy sessions and homework practice alike.

NEW! The animals are categorized based on their final sounds. We have created materials for voiceless plosives (e.g., sheep, cat), voiced plosives (e.g., dog, bird), nasals (e.g., lamb, hen) and fricatives (e.g., mouse, fish).

✅ — Information on the Final Consonant Deletion rule
✅ — 6 different activities featuring 12 different final consonant sounds /p, t, k, b, d, g, m, n, s, z, f, ʃ/
✅ — Record Forms – to help monitor progress and make observations
✅ — Listening for Tails – Auditory discrimination boards. Can you hear if a tail sound was used or not? This simple task encourages students to judge whether a word/animal make sense and match it to the animals on the board (8 pages).
✅ — Tail Sound Puzzle/Cut & Paste – Cut the animal pictures in half and match the animal with its tail, smoothly blending the sounds together (Contains 33 animal puzzles).
✅ — Flip Book – Staple or bind the cards and flip through + say the animals and tail sounds. This can be another great visual to flip the tail ‘up’ or cover it to make your children more aware that they forgot to say their tail sound.
✅ — Drill & Draw – Say the animal name five times then draw its tail on. This is really fun and a great activity to upload on the iPad (4 pages).
✅ — Match the Tail – Say the animal’s name and draw a line to its tail sound (5 pages). Print or upload onto your iPad.

What SLP’s like you are saying:
“What a fantastic resource! I’ve been using this with some of my children who omit their final consonants, and it has been a fantastic visual system/prompt for them.”

“Great visual resource to remind students to produce their tail sounds. Super fun for my preschool population!”

“Such an engaging resources especially for younger children. Was a game changer with my little ones who were having difficulty completing minimal pairs.”

“This resource has been sitting in my wishlist for a very long time and now I am a happy owner of FCD cards! I love Rebecca’s choice of animals and creativity for how to address this process.”

“This resource is GREAT. I used it within a cycles approach and my client was reported to use the cards everyday at home. Thanks for such a great resource, I will be keeping it in my toolkit.”

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is a digital file and is licensed for one person to use. Printing and assembly of the product may be required. For more information about single-person use, please refer to our Terms of Use.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

8 reviews for Final Consonant Deletion Tail Sound Packet

  1. Rhiannon Sewell (verified owner)

    What a fantastic resource! I’ve been using this with some of my children who omit their final consonants, and it has been a fantastic visual system/prompt for them. Thank you Rebecca for creating such a fantastic tool for working on FCD!!!

  2. klynneash (verified owner)

    This is an absolute favorite of mine. It takes high repetition drills and makes it more interactive and engaging. My neurodivergent students especially love the matching cards, and it frames things in a way they seem to understand so much more clearly. There are so many as well, that using this resource alone makes for an entire session with just the matching picture card pairs, not to mention the rest of the packet! Love it!

  3. Brooke B. (verified owner)

    I love the story that went along with the practice cards. My kids finally grasped the concept and applied it!

  4. Salma S. (verified owner)

    I’ve just recently purchased this resource and it is already one of my favourites. The concept was so easy for my clients to understand when they saw the animal tails. Seriously, all the Adventures in Speech Pathology resources I have purchased have been 5 star!

  5. Pip S. (verified owner)

    This was a really good resource for teaching student’s about final consonant deletion. From the introduction about sounds in words and visually representing the concept that leaving a sound off a word changes the meaning. Saved me loads of prep time, as I didn’t need to create any specific resources, I could just print and go.

  6. Rachel C (verified owner)

    Great visuals for final consonant deletion! Easy to use in play based therapy with a variety of activities!

  7. Danika F. (verified owner)

    One of the best ways to teacher final consonant deletion! My students are able to visually see the missing ‘tail’ and to add the final consonant as they draw the tail! Great resource! Thank you!

  8. Lisa Banner (verified owner)

    Love this and so do my clients!! Enjoyable, easy and quick games to play. Thank you

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