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Final consonant deletion can be really HARD to teach because some of our youngest students present with this pattern. If you need an evidence-based approach (minimal pairs) to help your students MAKE SENSE of their targets try this interactive NO PREP resource. This digital Boom Cards™ set can be used through your tablet, or as part of your teletherapy practice using your internet browser.

TRY the free Th-f Substitution set and get a feel for this series

Students simply say their target words, “pie” or “pipe” and can then drag the image across to the picture. It’s fun, meaningful, and allows your student to increase their practice trials of the target words.

➊ — FAMILIARIZATION: Familiarize the student with the minimal pair targets.
➋ — AUDITORY DISCRIMINATION: Use a “point to the one I say” task and then drag the target word image to the picture. There are five opportunities for each word. You can encourage multiple practices before dragging the image across if you want to increase your practice trials.
➌ — WORD TASKS: ask the child to say the word pairs. They can also tell you which picture they want to drag across and move it if they say the word correctly. If they say the word incorrectly, provide pragmatic feedback such as “Do you mean pie or pipe?”

✅ — Contains the sounds: p, t, k, s, d, z, m, and n (6 pair sets)
✅ — Fun directions so that they understand the difference in MEANING
✅ — Uses a minimal pairs approach

Be prepared for your Speech Caseload! This resource is part of a money-saving Interactive Minimal Pairs BUNDLE!

What SLP’s like you are saying:

❝ I love using minimal pairs in therapy, and these interactive pairs made the sudden shift to teletherapy more manageable!❞

❝ I will definitely continue to use this awesome resource when we return to “in person” therapy in the fall.❞

❝ How did I ever do minimal pairs without these bright and colourful cards?! I love the entire set of these and can’t wait to use them in face-to-face sessions as well as distance learning❞

You can use most devices (computer, iPad, tablet, Smartboard, or smartphone), as long as you have an internet connection. Boom Cards™ are digital resources that your students can play in session or through teletherapy. When you download this resource, you will be directed to FREE sign-up through the Boom Learning platform where “at least a free (Starter) account is required to access purchased Boom Cards. Any account (free or paid) can access and play Boom Cards using Fast Pins.

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❤️ Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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