My 3 step plan to working on articulation at the sentence to story level

My 3 Step Plan to working on articulation at the story and sentence level
Oh kids… I love how you think that you can outsmart me, really, I do. I admire it actually. That you sit there, thinking of ways to stall articulation practice or ask me about my bird just to try to knock off that one extra sentence that you know I’m going to try to make you say. And hey, I get it.

You’re a little over speech by now.

You’re pretty good at using your sounds in sentences, and you’ve definitely seen your way around my cupboard once or twice when we were just trying to get you to say your words.

But you know what? You can’t outsmart me. Because the thing that you don’t know about SLP’s is that whenever therapy gets a little old for you, we either make up a new resource, search Pinterest… or find something online and what do you know, we’ve got something new for you!

But first, let me tell you about my therapy style. I love every synonym that you can find for ‘funny’. Ridiculous. Silly, Hilarious. Outrageous even. That’s my way. If I can get you laughing, then I can make you say a sound loaded sentence or short story using a random (but specifically targeted) bunch of words that makes you focus on how you can out-funny me and take the focus off doing what you came here for.

To practice your speech.

The first step: Engagement. I’m going to throw words at you and we are going to see who can think of the funniest thing to say about these words. Or the grossest. Perhaps even the best? Heck, throw any adjective or superlative in and that’s what we’ll do. I’m going to challenge your imagination… and trust me when I say I have a TON of words right at my fingertips!

The second step: Competition. I might get you to rate my sentence on a scale from  (1) amusing to (5) hysterical. Or we might see who can draw it better.. or faster! Or perhaps we see who can cross off the most amount of words in one sentence. Who can make a sentence with two words from each list? Containing 3 verbs? Can you? Go on.. see if you can beat me!

The third step: Home practice. After we’ve brainstormed and written those sentences and stories, you will take it home, finish your drawings and then tell me all the whacky things that came out of that incredible brain and we will start next session off with a chuckle. I’ll have my stamps and stickers ready, I’ll praise your artistic talent, because you should be proud!

Now does this sound like it will fill that carryover hole in your therapy kit? View Draw Me Articulation Sentences and Stories  in my store and see how you can not only use it to target the sentence and story level, but words and phrases too. You see, I’m all about flexibility. I like to grab something that is easily adaptable and can be used in more ways than one – and it’s great to use all year round.


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