Free visuals to help your speech students

Have you ever worked with a child who can hear the difference in YOUR speech, but they can’t judge themselves to be correct or incorrect? They think that they’re saying it right… but they actually aren’t.

I’m a big fan of developing self-awareness from the early stages of therapy. It can be as simple as asking a few questions such as:

  • “Did that sound right?”
  • “Did you say that words like mine?”
  • “How do you think that sounded?”
  • “Did you say that word right right or wrong?”

I’m not asking these questions to make my students feel bad. I’m asking them because I want to foster from an early stage, that they SHOULD BE listening to, and monitoring how they sound. Many times, my students with strong self-awareness skills carryover their sounds and self-correct in conversation because they judge how they sound.

I’ve made these free visuals to help your speech students learn to judge themselves, and accurately be able to tell you if they said their correctly or not.

You can laminate them, draw on them, place counters on each side… anything that will help your students to participate and engage in active listening to themselves.


Looking for more FREE speech materials? I have a free set of Speech Reminder Cards that can help your caseload and a growing Freebie Library for SLPs who want to sign up!


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