Free 100 Trials for Speech

Are you looking for new 100 trials in speech therapy sheets? Whether you need more activities to motivate your students or you’d just like you reach your practice goal, you will love this 25-page free set

100 practices for speech

Each page contains 10 rows of 10 pictures, which equals 100 mini pictures on the page.

This makes it easy for the SLP to track the number of practice trials they are getting in their session by stamping, coloring, or checking off each picture as the child says their target words.

Pages include:

* emojis (pictured)

* zoo animals and pets

* Holidays (e.g., Valentines, St Patricks Day, Easter and Christmas themes)

* Seasons (e.g., summer, spring, fall, winter)

* fruit and vegetables and more!!!

how do we use them?

In our therapy session, we like to play “race to 100” games where the students rolls a dice and practices their speech words based on what number they rolled. The challenge is for them to roll enough times to get to the end of the page.

For example, if they roll a “5”, they have x5 practices of their sound/words/phrases/ minimal pairs etc. and then cross of 5 pictures on the page.

These are also great to send for  homework with word lists so that parents can try to aim for 100 correct practices at home!


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