Oral Motor Exam Assessment Cards



Have you ever struggled to elicit a simple oral motor evaluation with your students? Do you find that children are reluctant to open their mouths, or are confused by some of the directions in typical oral-facial exams?

Download the Oral Motor Assessment Cards if you want:

➊ — child-friendly instructions and pictures that make sense to children
➋ — to try to increase participation during an oral-facial exam
❸ — a digital oral motor version for online/telehealth evaluations
❹ — an easy-to-follow, two-page assessment form to record your findings

These colorful and engaging cards contain relatable and funny actions such as ‘move your tongue like a puppy wagging its tail’, to increase participation (especially with your preschool-aged students) but MORE IMPORTANTLY, allow you to get the information that you need about a child’s oral motor functioning.

Don’t want to print? This file contains a separate PDF document so that you can upload the informal assessment to your tablet and use as a quick to access, on-the-go option. Just use your favorite way to transfer PDFs to your iPad (like dropbox) and save in a place such as iBooks (free app on the iPad) and it will always be stored there for easy access.

Read on the Blog my tips and tricks to getting an oral motor evaluation done.

The cards are may help as part of your everyday assessment, particularly for children with speech difficulties. Make it play-based and have toys, puppets, and pretend food so that you can elicit these cards easily as part of dynamic assessment. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of oral motor movements, so I have listed below what the cards cover in terms of oral movements.

The cards included for the oral movements:
✅ — Jaw – open, open-close
✅ — Lips – protrusion, retraction, lip seal, rapid protrusion-retraction
✅ — Tongue – appearance, protrusion, retraction, depression, elevation, lateralization, rapid lateralization
✅ — Oral exam card (to look in the child’s mouth) – dentition, palate, tonsils, and soft palate
✅ — DDK cards for /p/, /t/, /k/ and “pat-a-cake”
✅ — Two-page Oral Motor Screener form
✅ — For an idea on size – there are 4 cards to a page for the printed version, but one card to a page for the iPad document. If you are wanting to save the 21-page ‘tablet’ version to your iPad, I just save the PDF in my free iBooks app so that it is always there.

What SLP’s like you are saying:

❝ Great product for my little kiddos on caseload. It makes oral-mechs fun for everyone!❞

❝ My kids love the visuals and are more willing to imitate OM movements with them!❞

❝ LOVE IT! Such a fun and engaging way to do oral motor exams.❞

❝ Fun and kids love it. They think they’re pulling silly faces at me.❞

❝ Finally – a way to make oral motor assessments fun and engaging!❞

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❤️ Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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