Articulation in Play LATE SOUNDS Homework Sheets



Put down those articulation cards and take a fun and engaging approach to speech practice: THROUGH PLAY!
These idea-filled sheets for LATE SOUNDS are refreshing for SLPs who want to increase motivation within their sessions and are AMAZING for getting carryover into the home environment. Your parents can practice their speech homework with these functional ideas that take the ‘we don’t have time to practice speech’ reason away. With tons of parent-friendly tips about how to model and progressing from words-phrases-sentences, this is the perfect companion for your articulation caseload.
Please note that if you bought the original Articulation in Play Handouts then do NOT buy this resource as I have split the original product into early and late sounds
TRY A FREE SAMPLE: Download the “s” sound articulation sheets.
Who is this resource for?
✅ — 11 LATE SOUNDS TARGETED: s, s blends, r, r blends, l, l blends, sh, th, v, ch, j
✅ — Young kids who require a more play-based approach, but you still want to get a whole lot of speech practice in. With at least 45 words at your fingertips, it’s easy to skim the sheets and pick activities
✅ — Children who have speech and language goals as each of the three sheets focus on verbs, nouns, and adjectives using the target sound
✅ — Older students who are difficult to engage in therapy as this is a dynamic and interactive approach
✅ — Students who you are informally assessing whether they have generalised the sounds into conversation. Just pick some activities and listen to whether the sounds are coming through without the heavy visual influence of articulation cards
Perfect for mixed speech and language groups – your preschoolers will also love the fun nature of ‘playing’ while working on their speech sound targets
✅ — Three activity pages for each sound: A verb page, noun page and adjective page. Each page contains 15 high-frequency words to use in play and at least 6 different play ideas
✅ — Tips and information for parents such as: how to go from words-phrases-sentences, how to model the speech sound, how to feedback correct vs. incorrect responses
✅ — Everyday speech list for the fridge containing 9 core words that become part of the everyday home speech routine
✅ — Treasure hunt list to look for your sounds outside the speech room
The easiest way to use these sheets is to print the first 3 pages (verb/noun/adjective) for YOU. Read through the word lists and activity ideas and see what you have in your speech room. While activity ideas are suggested, you will definitely have TONS more once you see the word lists and think ‘I have those objects in my speech room’. With four sheets per sound, you can 1. print and staple and send all home 2. Send each sheet home one by one 3. Send the everyday lists and treasure hunt pages to slowly increase parent engagement.

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Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.


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