SCIP: Sound Contrasts in Phonology

I was introduced to the amazing resource Sound Concepts in Phonology (SCIP) in my first year as a sole therapist in the Australian outback and have recommended it ever since. I will never forget trying a new phonological therapy approach (maximal oppositions) with a child who could only produce ‘g’, and 6 months later have EVERY sound including blends in his repertoire – and it was all because of SCIP!

Why I love it:

  1. It’s an evidence-based program for treating phonological disorders. I can read up on the right approach for my kids and know that I have research backing my clinical decisions.
  2. It contains four different phonological approaches; minimal pairs, maximal oppositions, empty set and multiple oppositions.
  3. Very quick and easy to choose target sounds with pictures for therapy – which means you don’t have to sit and think up pairs by yourself.
  4. I like that the program takes data, can be ‘played’ on the computer by kids and has video tutorials so I can see how to deliver the therapy.

How do I use it?

  1. I print off the target word sets on coloured paper as homework cards for my kids with mild-severe phonological disorders.
  2. I have laminated and bound my own set of typical minimal pairs cards so that I can use them on the go (I have a set for fronting/backing, gliding, cluster reduction and voicing).
  3. You can save the pictures as a pdf file – I have created lots of great phonological therapy Powerpoints for families so that it is a colourful alternative to typical speech cards (click here to view a presentation that I have made using this program).

Where to buy?

I bought mine at a 50% off sale on Super Duper Publications. What a bargain!

NOTE: These resources are ones that I personally use and love because they are small, lightweight and portable for a traveling SLP… and they can be used in many different applications!


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  • I agree! I bought the program after hearing Dr. Williams speak in Ohio. I also emailed her with questions and she graciously answered with ideas to help. This is THE program for a child with multiple errors and unintelligible speech. After two years teachers cannot the child had been in speech!

    • Hie, do u have an email address for Dr Williams? I need more information on this program. I will be very grateful

        • hie Rebecca
          Thank you very much for replying. I have been searching and searching for someone who has used it before. Guess it’s not as popular here in the UK. In your experience can this software be used by parents? as an indirect therapy? I know you have mentioned something about in your intro above, but did you write it from a clinician’s point of view or parent? Reason why I am asking all this questions is because I am a student currently doing a dissertation and I want to find out if this software can be used as an indirect therapy by parents.

          I am sorry I talk too much just that I have a lot of questions. I have tried DR Lynn’s e-mail address but its not working.

          Thank you Rebbeca .

          • This program has to be installed in a computer and the cd in the drive to use it. There is speech pathology jargon, such as choosing the approach for therapy that parents would not know about. I create the therapy targets, and can print the pictures for parents to use, but at the end if the day, it is an evidence based practice phonological therapy. I also contacted he publishers and received permission to use their images. You can copy paste them into a PowerPoint slide for parents to use at home. Hope that gave you a better idea.

  • What a great source your entire site it! Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips and tools:)

  • Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing all of your wonderful materials. I know how much time it takes to make these, and am so appreciative!!!

    I do have a question about the notability and ibooks post. I was able to get all your files downloaded to ibooks, but can not figure out how to get them to notability. They had a $2 and $4 version and they both look different than the one you have. Because of that, I can not figure out how to get PDF files downloaded to notability. Any suggestions? I bought the $2 version, not the pro version.

    • Hi, if you send me a personal email I can take some screenshots and show you how to get things into Notability. Just send me a message at [email protected] and I will start snapping some photos to show you how to do it. The version I bought was only 0.99, so it probably is the same as the one you have.

  • I enjoy this program very much. I was wondering if there is a list or chart some where that has phonemes that are maximal oppositions? I’m not great at selecting targets and wondered if there was something already made so I don’t have to make my own.


    • The Caroline Bowen website might have this information – but I do have a blog post in the works on Maximal Oppositions where I will provide some word lists and contrasts – If you have subscribed then you’ll get it in your inbox 🙂


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