Free Fronting Minimal Pair Cards

Have you ever worked on fronting (or backing) with minimal pairs like /k-t/ and /g-d/ at the beginning of words, but the use of your target sound hasn’t generalized to clusters? Perhaps your child can contrast “tool” vs. “cool”, but then they still say “stool” when they meant to say, “school”.

These free minimal pair cards for fronting in clusters can help! 

Sk-St minimal pair cards

We sometimes see children naturally apply the phonological rule of “back vs front” sounds to medial and final positions, as well as clusters, without needing direct instruction after initial minimal pairs intervention. However, this isn’t always guaranteed. 

To help solidify this pattern, I’ve created a free set of minimal pair cards for /sk/ vs/st/ clusters. These are available for download and can be a valuable addition to your toolkit! If you already own my Fronting Minimal Pairs Toolkit, you can easily store these new cards with your existing set—they might be useful for your therapy sessions. 

Want a better understanding on how to choose minimal pair targets for fronting? Watch my YouTube clip to better understand your options!


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