Stories From a Traveling SLP

603498_10152817362655643_2038638877_nMy coming to work abroad in America is your modern-day romance. I was working as an SLP in the South Pacific country of Samoa where I met my American Peace Corp boyfriend who was also working there. We wanted to know whether we had a strong relationship, or was it just the island paradise that we were living on making us feel that way…. so I made the move to the United States of America. With not much choice and the ‘I just need a job’ mentality, I found myself near Seattle, Washington!


  • Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for this great blog, I loved reading all about your adventures as a traveling SLP. I have a similar (but reverse) story to yours: I am a American-trained SLP who married a Frenchman and is moving to London to be a SLT. Any advice for the reverse transition (going from working in the US to working in the UK)? I have my HPC and RCSLT and am looking at NHS jobs with an adult populations.

  • Hi Rebecca,
    As an SLP in Micronesia I know educational opportunities in this field are limited. How where you able to obtain your degree?

    • In Australia some universities offer a 4 year undergraduate degree in SLP, or a 2 year masters degree. If you have a bachelor in a related field you may be able to just complete the 2 year Masters degree. This may depend on whether your credits/previous degree is internationally recognized, or at least recognized by the university who you apply to. In my degree we had a student from Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Hong Kong study with me. Best of luck.

  • Hi Rebecca,
    I have recently been linked to your blog and it’s amazing!! I love all your resources and creative ideas 🙂

    I am looking into the move from Sydney (Aus) to Seattle. I am currently affiliated with SPA and SAC although before I join ASHA I was wondering if you had any advice regarding certification and visas?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Isabella,
      I went through a recruitment agency and they sorted it all out for me and gave me a list of things that I needed to do. I’m not sure what agencies are operating at the moment, but it was much more efficient this way 🙂


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