Stimulability Approach

We love this short-term approach for kick-starting therapy for 2-4 year olds who struggle to say many sounds.  This approach can be a fun and engaging way to start therapy for highly unintelligible little ones and their families before moving onto other therapy approaches that will make greater system wide change.   We hope our recommendations below will have you confidently implementing this approach with your kids.

learn more about the stimulability approach
  • Read for an in-depth review; we highly recommend reading the Stimulability Approach chapter from the Interventions from Speech Sound Disorders in Children text (Williams, McLeod & McCauley, 2021). 
  • Read this Miccio and Elbert (1996) article – Enhancing Stimulability: A Treatment Program FREE!
therapy materials for the stimulability approach
  • Download Picture Cards Caroline Bowen’s Speech Language Therapy website has a page dedicated to Stimulability Approach, including an assessment form and materials to implement the approach. Caroline does ask for a donation to keep her site running and provide free resources FREE!
  • FREE download of the Miccio Stimulability Probe. This editable PDF allows you to record data for the purposes of stimulability FREE!   
  • Purchase the 44 Sounds of English by Speech Language Illustrated – speech sound cues that include alliterative names that you can adapt for use with the Stimulability Approach.
Watch stimulability approach clips
  • Watch CATTS Ireland Therapy Tips on YouTube series for their 6-minute clip called “How to use Stimulability Character Cards to teach speech sounds” FREE