Cycles Approach

The cycles approach is an approach for highly unintelligible children with many error patterns. We know that this is a commonly used therapy approach in some countries around the world, but let’s be honest… it does take a little getting your head around how to set up and plan your cycle! We hope you feel a little more confident with our recommendations.

Learn more about cycles
  • Purchase the Cycles Approach Handbook, a comprehensive, step-by-step intervention guide written for SLPs. The handbook is over 140 pages long and contains the “intervention manual” and clips to watch so you know HOW to implement the approach. Currently, over 390 reviews!
  • Read for an in-depth review; we highly recommend reading the Cycles Approach chapter from the Interventions from Speech Sound Disorders in Children text (Williams, McLeod & McCauley, 2021). 
  • Read the text Evaluating and Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems by Barbara Hodson.
therapy materials for the cycles approach

We create fun print and digital therapy materials in our Cycles Approach range. The packets can be purchased as individual sounds or bundled together. You will find printable homework sheets, games, activities, listening lists and Boom Cards. 

Materials for primary and secondary patterns include

PD on the cycles approach
  • Register for Barbara Hodson’s three-hour course titled “Evaluating and Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems”. This is available on the ASHA Learning Center.
physical cycles approach cards
  • Purchase the Cycles Intervention card decks authored by Amy Graham and published with Bjorem Speech Publications.
watch cycles approach clips
Listen to cycles approach podcasts
  • Listen to “Choosing appropriate target words while using Hodson’s Cycles Approach hosted on the Pep Talk Podcast FREE! 
  • Listen to “Tips for implementing a Cycles Approach on the Real Talk SLP Podcast FREE!