Complexity Approach

We know that when you first hear about the Complexity Approach – which is targeting later-developing, nonstimulable sounds – it can seem very counterintuitive, right? Well, for the right child, we absolutely can say at AISP that this approach can make significant changes to a child’s speech sound system in a short period of time!

Learn more about the complexity approach
  • Read: for an in-depth review, we highly recommend reading the Complexity Approach chapter from the Interventions from Speech Sound Disorders in Children text (Williams, McLeod & McCauley, 2021). 
  • Read this summary of evidence from Informed SLP, “Complexity Approach for speech sound disorders” FREE!
  • Read: The open access journal article, “The Complexity Approach to Phonological Treatment: How to Select Treatment Targets” by Dr. Holly Storkel FREE!
Therapy materials for the complexity approach

We create a range of printable and digital therapy resources to meet your needs:

  • Purchase our Complexity Approach for Speech Therapy Resource.  It is designed to assist with your understanding of the Complexity Approach and includes evidence-based rationales, reference charts for target selection, a breakdown of therapy steps and more. 
  • Read and Download: Complexity Approach Information and Resources from
Purchase physical complexity approach cards
  • We have published a Cluster Cues Deck with Bjorem Speech Publications containing sound cues to help children sequence consonant clusters. For local stockists and shipping information, head to their website. 
  • Visit the website for paid courses on targeting complex sounds and phonological complexity principles. 
Listen to complexity approach podcasts
  • Listen to “How to implement the complexity approach” on the SLP Now Podcast FREE!
  • Listen to “Selecting Speech Treatment Targets that Optimize Gains” on the SLP Nerdcast Podcast FREE!
Watch complexity approach clips
  • Coming soon!
  • Read “How to treat speech speech sound disorders 2: The Complexity Approach – more bang for your buck?” By Banter Speech & Language FREE!
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