Polysyllabic & Multisyllabic Words: Cards! Pictures! Worksheets!

Are you ignoring phonological awareness goals in your therapy? There are so many reasons to integrate these activities with your preschool and early school-aged students. Both your sound disordered and language delayed kids are at a significantly higher risk to start school with delayed phonological awareness which can later on impact reading acquisition, so it makes sense to work on these as part of your instruction. My red flags are usually those kids who stumble over polysyllabic words – either reducing syllables (‘elfent’) or mispronouncing them as they haven’t ‘stored’ the word correctly (‘hopital’).slide2

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              Breaking words into syllables is one of the first goals I work on as it is not only one of the earliest developing skills, but there are so many hands-on and movement based activities to do. It is a great ‘2 minute break’ from my speech and language goals. I prefer to print on colored paper (green for animals, yellow for food), cut out as cards and attach to a ring binder and ask my kids to choose a color – it takes not time to flip through and break the words into syllables.slide1

Great to use as worksheets, homework or uploading onto your iPad or Smart Board – kids can ‘color’ the circles that represent each syllable.  I have also included some data collection sheets for progress monitoring purposes.

Common Core Standards

  • RF.K.2b Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.
  • RF.1.2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes)

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