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Engaging teenagers in therapy can be a goal in itself, so I’d like to share my favourite free app that I use with this population: Quandary. With an interesting back-story about life in a new colony on the planet Braxos and some comic book style graphics and layouts it almost instantly arises curiosity. This app is great for language and in particular, social-pragmatic students.

Problem Solving: The premise of this game is to ‘solve’ a problem based on facts and opinions. I love using this with my social students as you are dealing with emotions, beliefs and differing viewpoints which translates quite well into real-life situations.

Perspective Taking: With lots of different characters providing differing opinions on one issue, this is a great way to look at perspectives and ‘why’ a person might think a certain way. As you make your way through the app you will find that there are plenty of opportunities like this to investigate viewpoints such as who will and won’t agree with you.quandary

Critical Thinking: This app provides plenty of analysis and evaluation of information. While there isn’t a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ you can still develop the ability to compare as well as consider a variety of solutions to the same problem. Quandary encourages you to not only identify what you think the best solution might be, but to find other characters who best support your decision…. and then at end, you learn the impact that your decision has had!

With 4 different problems and the ability to save the progress in your game, this is an app that I would dedicate at least a term of therapy for. There are lots of discussions to be had that if you were ‘play’ it quickly, it would take at least 20-30 minutes.

Another great project is to access the Character Creator tool so that you can devise new colonists and add viewpoints to new challenges. This hands-on approach is fantastic, especially if you work with students who like computers and gaming. Visit this great website for everything Quandary including lesson plans and extension questions.

Share your #1 fave & FREE app for teenagers and don’t forget to follow my Pinterest board about other free apps for SLPs.


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