Your #1 fave and FREE app for Phonological Awareness

Ahhh… the elusive search for the free app that does it all. The main reason why I have a little list of free apps is so that I can recommend them to parents. Reading Magic is technically more than one app… it’s a series from the same company (Preschool University) and is hands down the quickest, simplest, fastest way to develop core early literacy skills. I use the first level all the time as it looks at that critical level of blending and segmenting.  For school-based SLP’s who don’t target literacy in their IEP’s, phonological awareness delays can still impact your student’s education. Think of your severe phonological process disordered students… they most likely need to strengthen their sound awareness as well!apppa

Individual Vowels: It is great how you can target a specific skill using only one vowel sound. A lot of my kids have difficulties discriminating vowel sounds, so to really target what ‘u’ sounds like within words can help to strengthen this.

Segmenting-Blending-Reading: This app is simple: choose to practice either segmenting, blending or reading. Depending on the task, the letters, sounds or pictures are missing and they have to use their phonological awareness skills to answer correctly. Only CVC words are used so it keeps the activity consistent.

I like to take control of this app as I know my kids have fast little fingers that can press the buttons before I do and have the answers revealed to them! There are usually around 10 words for each sound, so this is perfect to target at the end of a session and is particularly useful for groups.

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