Webber’s Jumbo Articulation Drill Book

America arguably has the highest percentage of English-speaking SLPs in the world, and since I have moved there from Australia, I found that they have amazing resources that I didn’t know existed! Having worked in a range of settings and within different service delivery models, the one resource that I wish I knew about as a new SLP entering the field was Webber’s Jumbo Articulation Drill Book!

I work in a school setting at the moment, and I think that this has to be every SLPs best friend! I had never even heard of this product in Australia and just in case it hasn’t crossed oceans, I want spread the news!


  • It’s a reproducible drill book, meaning that you can photocopy these pages for the people who you work with til your heart’s content!
  • It includes initial, medial and final position for 20 sounds, plus it has S, R and L Blends!
  • It includes pictures, word lists, phrase lists and sentence lists – so it really targets quite a few areas of the speech hierarchy
  • It’s family friendly! The SLP has space to write directions up the top of the page, so I can tell the parents what to say or do. The fact that it has boxes for families to record speech data is great for progress monitoring.
  • I like that it breaks up the word level into 1-2-3 (at times) syllable words for those children who are more sensitive to syllable structures.


  • I love plonking this on my desk and flipping through for therapy targets, especially when the child has multiple sound errors.
  • It’s great for when you are progress monitoring or want to check if a child is stimulable. Instead of sitting there thinking up targets sounds/words, I refer to this book for ease.
  • I always use this when I need to get new goals. Especially for S-R-L blends. I usually sample 4 pictures for each blend to see which the child finds easiest/hardest/is more stimulable for. Also if you are not sure whether to start at initial/medial/final position, I find it saves time to have all of the pictures and words in front of me.
  • Great for home programs – especially over summer break!


Click to view the product at Super Duper Publications.


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  • I love mine too, I put the word pages (with the 3×3 grid of 9 words) in a page protector and play Tic-Tac-Toe with my students. They love it and I love how easy it is!


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