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Hello SLPs! You probably clicked here on an internet trawl… going from site to site to find the information that you need to get you where you want to go. While I don’t have all the answer, I hope you get something new. I’m going to summarise what you can find on my site in a quick, easy to navigate fashion, split up into Working Overseas in general and then Volunteering as they are both quite different in nature. BUT FIRST – know that if you look on the right side of my blog (maybe scroll down a little), you will see the heading ‘Categories’ and then Work & Travel. Click on it and you will see a compilation of blog posts, stories and interesting ‘what is it like’ to be an SLP overseas type stuff. That is great for late night musings. Below is where you might find some nitty-gritty information.

Working Overseas

    • I provide some background information on the Mutual Recognition Agreement (particularly useful for SLPs trained in Australia, USA, UK, NZ, Canada and Ireland) and basic Visa info.
    • I list as many SLP associations that I could find to help you contact whatever country you are hoping to work in.
  • To get your mind focused on the ups and down and working overseas I’ve compiled what I wish I knew first about working overseas.




  • hey I’m currently a student SLT in England. I have 4 months off every summer and am wondering if you guys know of anything that I could do… preferably not in the UK or Ireland. the further away the better!

    • Hi Conor,
      I’ve listed some things on the page Programs and Organizations, but cannot personally vouch for them. I did a one year volunteer contract through my Government’s aid program so it was a little different. Let us know if you find out any more programs for me to add to my list android luck!


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