Verbal Prompts for Stuttering *Freebie*

I have recently started seeing a lot of preschool aged children who stutter and have been turning to the Lidcombe Program to guide my therapy.

*NOTE: You can download the manual for the Lidcombe Program for FREE! Here is the 2010 manual: Lidcombe Program

The Lidcombe Program is a behavioral therapy program for children who stutter. An essential component of this evidence-based program is delivering verbal prompts (or as the program calls it,  ‘verbal contingencies’) to the child, usually referred to as ‘smooth’ (non-stuttered) and ‘bumpy’ (stuttered) speech. Both the SLP and the parent/caregiver of the child must be able to use and understand these verbal contingencies for the therapy to be effective.

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I have created two tables with examples of phrases that a therapist and parent can say to the child. I find that parents trained in the  verbal contingencies participate with more ease when they already have a list of phrases at their fingertips. It initially takes the pressure off thinking up of their own verbal contingencies so that they get used to the style of therapy… And then the language usually becomes automatic. If you want to find a place of all my FREE resources, follow my Pinterest page for the latest updates.



SLPs: if you are not that confident in delivering verbal contingencies as your stuttering clients are few are far between, this table will help as a reference tool, especially as you are modeling the therapy to the parent.

Parents: a great table that every SLP should hand out to their parents. Remember that we are therapists, and therapy should come quite naturally to us. If you want your parents to be effective, you should be empowering them with information, knowledge and confidence!


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  • The verbal contingency statements are great. I frequently have parents ask what they should say or how they should respond to dysfluent speech and these will make great handouts. I really like that it also addresses responding to fluent speech. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brilliant just what I needed for an assignment for uni…. was struggling to think of other contingencies… have lots but needed a few more…… and what a great resource to give to parents… thank you much appreciated.

  • Oh my goodness I can’t even wrap my head around how awesome this is, THANK YOU!


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