How to Praise for Articulation *Freebie*

Everyone loves a bit of praise, especially when we are doing something that we might not be that good at. Sometimes even I get so consumed about teaching or shaping a sound that I forget to encourage a child for trying their best.

MScreen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.25.31 AMore importantly, if SLPs do not have the opportunity to model for and train parents how to deliver speech therapy effectively, then their child might be reluctant to practice something that they perceive themselves to be not good at.

A lot of parents will say to me ‘well, she’ll do her speech sounds for you, but not for me’, and I want to understand why. I think one of the things that contributes to this (apart from the motivating games that SLPs have) is the amount of praise that is used with the child.  I know that the parents must be thinking that I am a little too enthused by the amount of praise that I give, but at the end of the day I will praise your child  so that they know that I think they are wonderful for trying and succeeding at something that is hard.

Praise is not just about making your child feel ‘good’, but telling them exactly what they have to do to be great at speaking and using their sounds.

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There are 2 things you should be doing while helping your child’s speech.

  1. Praise them
  2. Be specific and tell them what they did to get your praise so that they can do it again.

If your child is learning how to say ‘s’ and you say ‘good work’, you haven’t really told them what they did that was good. So the next time they say it, they might get it wrong. But if you say “That was an amazing ‘s’ sound because you kept your teeth together and your tongue didn’t poke out”, then your child will know what to do in order to get praise from you again. If you want to find a place of all my FREE resources, follow my Pinterest page for the latest updates.



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  • This is something that I try to teach all of my parents. Nice summary.

    • I print mine on card stock to give out to my parents so that they can follow through at home.


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