The SLP’s IEP Companion


As an SLP born and raised in Sydney, Australia, the ‘IEP’ is something quite new to me as we typically do not have SLPs working in the schools in my state. Now that I am working in the school system in America I had a lot of catching up to do, including how to effectively write my goals. I always thought that I was okay at goal writing until I moved to America… you guys whipped me into shape fast!!!

I could not have done it without The SLPs IEP Companion from Linguisystems. Just to be able to see what I might target, how I can break goals down and examples really helped and saved me HOURS agonising over my IEPs.


This book should be on the shelves for every SLP, especially if you are not a confident goal writer. It could be particularly useful for:

  • New graduate SLPs – it gives you so many ideas and makes you more confident going into therapy. Trust me that this will save you hours of time at home worrying if your IEPs are compliant! I wish I had this when I first started.
  • Sole practitioners – when you are working by yourself and may not have immediate access to an SLP colleague to bounce ideas off, this book will definitely be a great asset to goal planning.
  • School based SLPs – This book provides goals for all types of communication disorders that you may come across. The language is perfect for writing IEPs and I have found it particularly useful to look through when I have a student who presents with something that I do not come across often, such as voice or fluency.


  • The book consists of 12 units targeting: pragmatics, vocabulary & meaning, critical thinking for language & communication, organization & study skills, listening, literacy: reading, literacy: writing, speech production, oral motor, voice and fluency.
  • The goals are hierarchical so you can determine where a person is and where they need to be.


  • A reference tool for writing meaningful, specific goals for IEPs. It helps my theory and practice to see a goal broken down into smaller areas and makes it easier for me to use a ‘step up/step down’ approach.
  • To plan for groups and write group programs targeting a range of goals.
  • To give me ideas when I am stuck in therapy. So many times I turn to this book, read through the goals and think ‘this would be perfect for Jimmy, why didn’t I think of that first?’.
  • As a team approach to more holistic goal setting. There are sections related to social skills, reading and writing where my therapy overlaps with another professional. It’s great to have this book in front of us so that our goals link where they need to and we can try to reinforce each other’s goals.


You can purchase The SLPs IEP Companion online from Linguisystems.


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