The SLP’s Bucket List

SLPs Bucket List

Now hold up there before you start getting any ideas, because this Bucket List is NOT one of those grand lists like skydive from a hot pink helicopter flown by an outrageously charming French guy.

No. These are short, achievable goals to shape your NEXT year as an SLP. Keep that Frenchie on your other list. This list is about you. It’s about where you want to be professionally in a year. It’s to give you structure. To help you grow. And to feel pretty darn good when you look back and say “hey, I achieved a lot of stuff things this year“.

I’ve heard that some researchers somewhere say that if you write down your goals, then the odds are definitely in your favor of transforming them into reality. And if we spend more time at work than we do in the ocean looking for dolphins to swim with, then why not have some SLP focused things to do this year?!

I’m sharing this free download so that wherever you are in your SLP job – about to start a new school year, winding down the end of the calendar year or stuck midway through, you can still: focus – think – plan and succeed.

Free download: The SLP’s Bucket List


SLPs Bucket List

Here are my answers for the next year – I’ve added websites and affiliate links, so just click if you’re curious:

  1. Book to Read– I’ve been joining some EBP Facebook groups lately and asked the question: what Speech Sound Disorder book do you recommend and a well-known researcher commented that Children’s Speech by Sharynne McLeod & Elise Baker was one of the best that she has ever read.
  2. Therapy to Try– I’ve tried ReST (Rapid Syllable Transition Training) once and want to keep on exploring because WOW! Did I get results with my teenager. This therapy was developed for working with CAS – and bonus, there is a free FREE training package from a fantastic Aussie SLP and her team at Sydney Uni. It is on of the best EBP out there, so there is no time like now to brush up your skills.
  3. Game to Get– I’ve gotta expand my Orchard Toys collection with the add-ons to the Shopping List game. I use it for SO many goals and the kids are totally engaged with the bright visuals and shopping aspect – they have a clothes and a fruit & veg pack I’m  currently eyeing.
  4. Conference to Attend– Social Thinking Providers Conference. Just to see so many great minds from different professions get together to change the way I think and practice when it comes to social communication.
  5. Podcast to Listen toTrue Confessions with Lisa & Sarah – Ok, so I’ve met the ladies from SLP Toolkit in person and I think they need their own sitcom they make me laugh so hard I need to cross my legs (sorry, TMI). It’s the honesty that I love most about their Podcast and at about 20-30 minutes it’s the perfect listening length.
  6. DIY Craft to Master– I’ve been loving those painted story stones floating around on the internet. Search for them on Pinterest if you have no idea what I’m talking about and start painting!
  7. Topic to Learn– Emotional regulation – it’s a missing piece of the puzzle for my social kids that I want to know more about.
  8. Resource to Buy– I’ve been eyeing Bjorem Speech Sound Cues for the longest time and keep kicking myself that I couldn’t find their booth last year at ASHA!
  9. Word of the Year– Thrive
  10. Personal Goal– To go out on my own in a private setting and focus on my passions: speech and social!

Happy downloading and filling in – and please share and tag me @adventuresinspeechpathology if you’re an Instagram user. I love seeing other people’s lists to give me some ideas. So – save it somewhere spesh, do it once a year and continue to learn, reflect, grow and be proud 🙂




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