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The start of kindergarten usually signifies the start of ‘Show & Tell’… where our students have to stand up in front of their class and give descriptive clues about what object they have brought in that day. But what happens if the child does not have the language to formulate these clues? What if you see a student whose speech is too unintelligible for their peers to understand them?

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Instead of the child giving the clues (eg. It is something you bounce), the teacher will facilitate the questions (eg. What do you do with it?) so that the child can answer them (bounce it) It is a great way to have the child involved in the Show & Tell process at their communicative level.


Parent: The parent’s role is to write down appropriate questions about the object. They should practice asking the questions to their child, making sure that they can answer them correctly and intelligibly. The parent has to send the Show & Tell sheet in with their child.

Teacher: The teacher’s role is to use the sheet that the parent filled out and ask the child the questions as part of Show & Tell.

SLP: The SLP’s role is to make sure that the parent and the teacher know their roles and responsibilities. They should also be present in the classroom at least once or maintain good communication with the teacher to make sure that the sheet is effective for the child.

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  • I have to say, I love this. I’m always looking for ways to apply speech directly into the classroom and this is perfect for my kindergarteners.


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