Cluster Reduction Minimal Pairs Tally Sheets


Invest in yourself and your treatment outcomes with our Cluster Reduction Minimal Pairs Tally Sheets. This product helps you get high practice trials in sessions, keep track of your data and make structured homework easier for parents. Evidence-based cluster reduction treatment is easy with activity sheets for common patterns SK-K, SL-L, SM-M, SN-N, SP-P, ST-T, SW-W. We have also included blank templates for individualizing therapy and homework for the children you work with, making this product a unique tool for SLPs treating cluster reduction with the minimal pairs approach.


Do you find it hard to keep track of, AND count the number of speech production trials while doing minimal pairs intervention? The goal of these ‘S’ Cluster Reduction Tally Sheets is to help you increase your practice trials in session, as well as provide something more structured for homework.


This packet considers the following research:

  1. A minimum dose of more than 50 practice trials in at least 30 sessions would be needed for the multiple oppositions and/or minimal pairs therapy approach to be effective (Williams, 2012).
  2. Children with more severe phonological impairments require greater intensity (such as 70 trials per session and 40 sessions) to facilitate change (Williams, 2012).
  3. Three to five minimal pairs can facilitate generalization in children (although some children may require more targets). Furthermore, this study elicited approximately 80–100 responses during each session (Elbert, Powell & Swartzlander, 1991).

TARGETS: This packet includes four sets of minimal pairs per page (meaning eight words), with the total goal to achieve 100 productions. If each pair is practiced 25 times across the session, your student has practiced the pair 100 times! There are TWO SETS of materials for each targeted sound except ‘sm’, which has one set.

ACTIVITIES: There are four different activities for you to mix and match. All copies are in black & white and include tally sheets, tally counts, tally boxes, and tally strips. While students enjoy keeping tally scores themselves, an SLP or parent can track of the number of trials practiced. These can be used with dry-erase markers, mini erasers, trinkets and other general reinforcers.

✅ — SK-K pairs I 9-15
✅ — SL-L pairs I 16-22
✅ — SM-M pairs I 23-26
✅ — SN-N pairs I 27-33
✅ — SP-P pairs I 34-40
✅ — ST-T pairs I 41-47
✅ — SW-W pairs I 48-54
✅ — BLANKS I 55-58

What SLP’s like you are saying:

These tally sheets are a favourite with my students and parents love using them with kids. Easier way to ensure carry over work has lots of reps. Really motivating to use too. Always looking out for more Tally Sheets from Rebecca. Really happy to use any of her products so well thought out and produced. Really get results with her resources. Thank you!

So many preschoolers working on s blends so this is perfect. They can put a sticker or tally mark themselves. So great!

So nice to have this resource for students to begin to monitor their speech.


This is a digital file and is licensed for one person to use. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download the product. Printing and assembly of the product may be required. For more information about single-person use, please refer to our Terms of Use.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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