Velar Fronting Assimilation Sheets for Speech Therapy


Have you been working on fronting with a child, but they still can’t get “k” or “g” correct in words that also have a “t” or “d”? We created this product with exactly this problem in mind. This 64-page resource contains color and black & white cards with mouth cues to help children know when to use the “k,” “g,” “t,” and “d” sounds. The sound combinations included are: velar-velar, velar-alveolar, alveolar-velar, alveolar-alveolar. A variety of word structures are included. Let us help you make working on this often-frustrating part of fronting intervention easy.

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Does your child say tat” for cat, or “gog” for dog? Have you tried minimal pairs therapy for fronting, and while the majority of the pattern has consolidated, your child still gets STUCK when the word contains a mixture of velar “k” and “g” and alveolar “t” and “d” sounds?

➊ — Provide explicit teaching for words containing velar and alveolar targets
➋ — Have a set of high-quality cards and mouth cues to help your child know when to use the “k”, “g,”t”, and “d” sounds in words.
➌ — Support students who mix up their velar and alveolar sounds in words, despite using other therapy interventions.
➍ — Easy to print black and white pages to send for home practice

This packet contains the following combinations:
VELAR-VELAR: kick, cake, cookie, giggle, cucumber etc.
VELAR-ALVEOLAR: gate, cat, cold, candy, cutting etc.
ALVEOLAR-VELAR: dig, dog, dark, take, tickle etc.
ALVEOLAR-ALVEOLAR: did, Dad, toast, turtle, today etc.

✅ — This 64-page resource is broken into each sound combination
✅ — 112 flashcards broken down by sound combinations COLOR AND B&W
✅ — Mouth cues (to place the flashcard on top of) COLOR AND B&W
✅ — Words list for home practice B&W
✅ — Word practice sheets with visual cues B&W
✅ — Sentence page in COLOR AND B&W

Have you tried using Minimal Pairs for Fronting and Backing yet?

  • My Fronting Minimal Pairs Toolkit includes a fun, easy-to-understand story about the phonology pattern (front and back sounds), it includes visuals and cues for the child, as well as colorful minimal cards to form part of your permanent toolbox.
  • Interactive minimal pair cards have been BEST-SELLERS in my store. Kids just make sense of these engaging, digital Boom Cards. Read the raving reviews yourself!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Reinking is an SLP who works privately with children who have speech sound disorders. She has a particular interest in phonological interventions and strives to connect and collaborate with speech scientists to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

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4 reviews for Velar Fronting Assimilation Sheets for Speech Therapy

  1. Alice Duckworth (verified owner)

    This resource is a must-have if you treat children with fronting. I’ve used it so much! Often children have achieved the easier words like tea/key, bat/back, but when both their error and contrasting sound appear in the same word they get confused! (dog, tiger, guitar). This resource gives the child allll those cues they need…so they know WHERE in the word to say k/g or t/d. I have found that children have progressed quickly towards generalisation once I introduced these cards!

  2. Charlie Strutt (verified owner)

    Rebecca always makes the resources I need but never have the time to make myself! Such a time saver and always high quality, this resource has been perfect for so many of my clients!

  3. Alexandra Robilliard (verified owner)

    This has been such a great addition to my fronting toolkit! I generally find my kids will quickly get k/g words but as soon at the word contains an alveolar, they struggle. I’ve used these cards successfully to focus on drilling those error words one they are confident with ‘k’ and ‘g’. I love that it includes 1, 2 and 3 syllable words as well.

  4. Nia Michellis (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend Rebecca’s resources enough! I work with primarily with children with speech sound disorders and have 13 clients with childhood apraxia of speech. I use these ALL the time when supporting a child with velar fronting or a motoric aspect (CAS) as the reason for their /k/ and /g/ difficulties. My clients with CAS struggle with words that have a k/g and d/t in them. I have even used them with a client with CAS who was voicing /t/ to /d/ but could now discriminate and produce so I moved them to these activities, worked a treat! I love the visuals and the handouts for parents to take home. Rebecca’s resource has saved me SO much time in the clinic. I have used the activities with severe SSD all the way to mild SSD.

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