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I receive so many emails about amazing SLP opportunities, great informative websites and little tidbits here and there that I want to regularly inform other SLPs on what I see, read and hear. If you have any information or know of sites or places that may interest SLPs wanting to work around the world, then please email me at [email protected] so that I can spread the word.

ASHA Certified SLPs working overseas

I have had a few emails from US trained SLPs who are entering their Clinical Fellow Year (CFY) and wanted to work abroad – but they need contact or supervision with an SLP who has their CCC’s. If you are or know of one and want to see if you can help – please email me at [email protected] for more information.

For Australian’s

Are there any Aussie SLPs aged 18-30 years old looking to get away? There is still a 12 month AYAD assignment in Suva, Fiji available. It’s tropical, you can sip coconuts and explore some of the best soft coral reefs I have ever seen. What are you waiting for?

For SLPs wanting to work in the UK

Although Anna is from New Zealand, she has put up a great read on the steps she had to take to work in the UK. She outlines the requirements, visa information and tips on how to look for work. She succinctly describes what it entails to move your profession overseas.

Competition For US SLPs/clients

Complete Speech is hosting a ‘Spring for Better Speech’ giveaway. It is for school aged students and has a great selection of prizes for students. So if you work with 5-18 year olds, view the Giveaway Overview and check out their Facebook page.


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