Speech Therapy Goal Sheets for Teachers *Freebie*

I have a dream that one day every teacher will know the difference between ‘speech’ and ‘language’….Until then, I have these handy introductory communication sheets specifically for teachers to get to know their new IEP students!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.41.09 PM

These FREE simple 1 page handouts focus on the following areas: speech, language, voice, stuttering and social skills.It’s a  little like a ‘book about me’, but has more of a communication focus. And it’s a sheet.

The sheet addresses a brief overview about the disorder, what the student likes/is good at, the student’s SLP goals, how this might impact them in the classroom and their SLP’s contact information. It’s a much more engaging way of sharing information with our teachers – get bright colored pens to fill in the spaces or use some software like Adobe Acrobat that allow you to write on the pdf file. If you want to find a place of all my FREE resources, follow my Pinterest page for the latest updates.

Free Download from my TPT store

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